Primrose Hill

This trip has been a lot like a genealogical journey for me in that I researched the locations in my novel based on period and modern maps then set out to find the places whilst in London. It’s been an… Continue Reading

Banqueting House

Today we did a tour of Westminster, which is where much of my novel takes place. we visited a church where a funeral takes place, Somerset House, and the National Portrait Gallery. The photo is from the Banqueting House of… Continue Reading

London Day 1

Today was our first day in London and it was spent entirely “researching” for my novel. We started at the Royal Exchange and the Tower of London, which was swarming with tourists. The picture below is of the Old Cock… Continue Reading

Amsterdam Day 2

We are leaving Amsterdam today to go back to London. This morning we got up early to go to the Anne Frank House since the line was so long yesterday at 7pm we didn't go in. Today we are here… Continue Reading

Amsterdam Day 1

We are well into our second day in Amsterdam so I want to record a few things about our first day. After enjoying our beer at the outdoor cafe near the Dam, we walked to the Amsterdam Historical Museum. It… Continue Reading


We made it to Amsterdam and after being here for only an hour I've decided I love it. After checking into our hotel, the Grand Sofitel, we set off for the city center in search of beer and a map.… Continue Reading

Party Planning

We arrived in England early this morning and after a quick nap and lunch, we helped Mick's sister Nina decorate for her 40th birthday party tomorrow night. The simple but beautiful centerpieces were made using blue vases purchased at IKEA… Continue Reading

Bon Voyage!

We're just waiting for the plane to load and then we're off. See you on the other side of the pond!

Deserted Island Food

Mick and are at our favorite restaurant, Monsoon on 3rd Street Prominade. They have an appetizer called Tuna Crab Eggroll that is one of my favorite dishes of all time. I call it "deserted island food" because if I was… Continue Reading

Fleamarket Find

This is kind of a test post since I am sending it using email and my phone for the first time. I'm hoping to be able to post using my phone whilst we're in England. I wanted to share a… Continue Reading