Thinking Positivity

Lenny Kravitz’s Mama Said album is one of my favorites of all time. I played the hell out of that sucker when it came out and for years afterward. It’s been awhile since I broke it out so maybe today… Continue Reading

How Do We Feel About This: Authors Rating Their Own Books

A few days ago I got an update from GoodReads telling me what my “friends” had reviewed that week. I don’t generally read them in depth, I just give them a cursory look to see if there’s any reviews by… Continue Reading

Oh Twitter, How I Loved Thee

Awhile back, the super-terrific Steve Weddle invited me to do a guest post on the Do Some Damage blog, wherein I wrote: Joining Twitter was the best thing I’ve done for my writing career. About this, I do not joke.… Continue Reading

Doing Some Damage

Steve Weddle invited me to do a guest post on Do Some Damage today. Check it out: The Diary of Diary of Bedlam Thanks to Steve and the rest of the crew at Do Some Damage for letting me vent–er–visit.

2009 Recap #1: Secrets of the Samarai Sword

Note: This post was originally published on July 25, 2009 My husband and I just watched a program on PBS called Secrets of the Samarai Sword. It’s available to watch on the internet, and I recommend it. There are several… Continue Reading

National Novel Writing Month

The month of November is National Novel Writing Month, and this year I'm participating for the first time. I'll be writing my second Isabel Wilde novel (as yet untitled).   You may be asking why I would start another novel… Continue Reading