Mistress of Fortune Publication Day

The winners of the Amazon gift cards are: Stephen J., Pop Culture Nerd, and John B. Thanks for playing, everyone. And more importantly, thank you for your wonderful comments. Today is February 3, 2014. Today I am a published author.… Continue Reading

The Cocoon: Guest Post by Matt Coyle

May 2013 marked the long awaited (by me) launch of my debut crime novel, Yesterday’s Echo. It has been a dream come true and a lifetime goal achieved and never would have happened without the help of many people, most… Continue Reading

Identity Crisis

Yesterday, something happened that I’ve been waiting for, for like, ever. The announcement of my book deal showed up in Publishers Marketplace. Here it is in all of its luscious glory: Holly West’s DIARY OF BEDLAM and DIARY OF DECEPTION,… Continue Reading

Author Interviews

Book Promotion: Eric Beetner Rebecca Cantrell Interviews: Eric Beetner Rebecca Cantrell Hilary Davidson Sue Ann Jaffarian David Liss Sophie Littlefield Stephen Jay Schwartz Kelli Stanley Path to Publication: Dani Amore Spring Warren Writing: Stephen Jay Schwartz Kelli Stanley Off-site: 50… Continue Reading

Hold it Right There, Buster

AKA: FInish Your Manuscript Before Querying Agents I'm at the tail end of this latest revision on Diary of Bedlam. So close I can taste it, in fact. And frankly, it's tasting pretty darned delicious. This was a huge revision.… Continue Reading

Dani Amore: My Path to E-Publication

Dani Amore is the author of DEATH BY SARCASM and DEAD WOOD. Today she was kind enough to stop by the blog and tell us about her path to publication. I decided to become an independent author because a famous… Continue Reading

Looking for a Few Good Writers

Hey Author Friends: I have a few features on my blog that I've been ignoring for far too long, and now, with your help, I'd like to put a little more effort into them. I'm looking for authors (mainly crime… Continue Reading

Path to Publication – Spring Warren

Spring Warren is the author of Turpentine and most recently, The Quarter-Acre Farm: How I Kept the Patio, Lost the Lawn, and Fed my Family for a Year. Today, she stops by my blog to tell the story of her… Continue Reading