The Politics of Silence

A few minutes ago I read this post about Meghan McCain’s boobs and it got me thinking. Warning–this post is kind of tangental to the post about Meghan and not directly relevant to the original. About a year ago I… Continue Reading

Where I Work

On Tuesday we celebrate the one year anniversary of living in our house. To celebrate, I thought I'd post pictures of my office space. John Hornor Jacobs started this "trend" of writers showing their office a couple of months ago.… Continue Reading

Love Conquers, er, Embarassment?

I know I've said this before, but there are very few people in the world I love more than my grandfather. He's 88, and he's old. I ought to know: he never stops reminding me, and everyone else, of it.… Continue Reading

Shades of Gray

I never did finish "25 Days of Books." I can't believe I faithfully did it for 24 days then on the 25th and final day, I just couldn't bring myself to post anything. I still can't, even if I know… Continue Reading

Look Around

Please, indulge me for a moment, because for no reason at all, I'm having a bit of a moment. Except that's not exactly true. There have been lots of reasons for moments lately. This one just came as a surprise.… Continue Reading

Quieting the Frenzied Mind

I just realized I haven't posted once in the month of August. This is my half-assed attempt to remedy that. Lately, I've had a lot of trouble shutting my brain up. It's always a problem, but for the last few… Continue Reading

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Earlier in the week, literary agent Nathan Bransford wrote: "It sure seems like the majority of people in the world think they can write a book. And not only write a book, but write it as well as a published… Continue Reading

Everything You Never Wanted to Know about Having ACL Reconstruction Surgery

When I found out I had to have ACL reconstruction surgery, of course I googled it, looking for people who had the same surgery. I found a few blogs about it, but I quickly found that reading them raised my… Continue Reading

Thrift Shop of My Dreams

Yesterday I went to one of my favorite places. It's a huge thrift store, located on Main Street. The variety of merchandise, including new and vintage clothing and accessories, home decor items, yarn, books, and more, is not to be… Continue Reading