Kramer’s New Ride

Sometimes creativity isn’t about what you make, it’s about how you solve problems.  And Houston, we had a problem. Our dog Kramer is 15 (16 in May) and over the last year or so has become somewhat of a challenge. … Continue Reading

Dog Days of Summer

Fall is officially here!  Hooray!  Let’s celebrate with a gratuitous post about dogs. This, my friends, beats a shirtless David Beckham any day of the week: Lance I know I’ll probably never get a puppy, but when I see pictures… Continue Reading

All Dogs, All the Time

There is one thing I love better than anything in the world (except Mick, but that doesn’t count), and that’s dogs.  Specifically, my dogs, Kramer and Stuart, although any dog will do in a pinch. Because I am going through… Continue Reading

Cuddle Formation

After a long day of terrorizing the toys in my toy basket, I like to freshen up with a good nap. If this is what they call a dog’s life, I’ll take it.