Peru: The Fitbit Numbers

One thing I love about serious traveling is that despite the amount of food/drink consumed, I never gain weight. Why? It’s the walking. So. Much. Walking. Since February, I’ve been using the Fitbit Force to keep track of my activity.… Continue Reading

Peru: Day 6–Machu Picchu

As spectacular as this day was, this is all you get for now: An account of our visit requires far more than I can peck out on my iPhone keyboard. Today is our final day in Peru, during which we’ll… Continue Reading

Peru: Day 5–Agua Calientes

After a 3.5 hour train ride through lush mountain terrain, we arrived in Agua Calientes. I’m sure my mouth hung open as we walked down the hill to the Sumaq Hotel–I have no words to describe the scenery. Perhaps this… Continue Reading