Get to Work – Kris Neri

"Shortly before I fall sleep, I remind myself where I left off and what I'll want to tackle the next day." – Kris Neri As you know from this post, I recently asked several of my writer friends how they… Continue Reading

Get to Work – Eric Beetner

"When I finally commit to a novel or even something short I like to get it done and not lose momentum. I find inertia plays a big part in getting through a novel and keeping an even tone to the… Continue Reading

Where I Work

On Tuesday we celebrate the one year anniversary of living in our house. To celebrate, I thought I'd post pictures of my office space. John Hornor Jacobs started this "trend" of writers showing their office a couple of months ago.… Continue Reading

Confessions of a Terrible Dog Mom

This is an admittedly self-indulgent post, but really, aren't they all? Still, I feel required to begin with that disclaimer because I'm feeling rather traumatized at the moment when I really have no right to be, as you shall soon… Continue Reading