Am I There Yet?

Observation #1: Today Kelli Stanley posted on Facebook she'd reached "The End" of her second Miranda Corbie book, "City of Spiders." The next step, she said, was a week of revisions. A week? I've been revising for over a year… Continue Reading

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Earlier in the week, literary agent Nathan Bransford wrote: "It sure seems like the majority of people in the world think they can write a book. And not only write a book, but write it as well as a published… Continue Reading

Danielle Steel’s Beach Retreat

Estimated to be worth $600-$800 million, author Danielle Steel owns a few wonderful properties. But this is where she most likes to call home: Click here to see the slide show. Click here to read the Wall Street Journal article.

So Long, Sunny Randall

I just finished the last book in the Sunny Randall series by Robert B. Parker. I can't help feeling a sort of sadness about it. Mr. Parker died at age 77 on January 18, 2010, leaving behind a several series… Continue Reading