Four Suns of Venus Bracelet

I think the title might be a little cheesy.  I don't know.  Does Venus have four suns?  Probably not.  There's only one sun, right?  But that's what came to mind when I tried to think of a name for this… Continue Reading

Scrabble Me This

In case you didn't know it, my husband created an application for the iPhone called CheckWord.  It is an application that allows you to check words and see if they are actually words. You enter a word into the application… Continue Reading

Odds and Ends: Freebies

There are a few of things I'd like to call to your attention: First, This Young House is featuring a great freebie this week.  It's a lovely bamboo lamp, courtesy of Shades of Light.  If you're interested, hop on over and follow… Continue Reading

Sweet Surprise

Gosh, probably about 3 or 4 years ago, I bought a beautiful orchid plant at Trader Joe's.  It caught my eye because it was different from other orchids I'd seen and it had some nice foliage in addition to the blooms. … Continue Reading

A Note to Publishing Industry

This is what it's come down to, folks:  if a book is not available for reading on the Kindle, I won't read it. It's not that I'm taking a stand or anything.  I've never made it a secret that I love… Continue Reading

Knit Ring Box

This pattern perfectly combines two things I love:  jewelry and knitting.   Not only is it a perfect stash-busting project, it is such a neat way to further personalize a gift of jewelry, whether you make it, like me, or… Continue Reading

London Blue Topaz Ring

I love those days when I’m not feeling at all creative and I end up making something fantastic.  It was raining hard this morning, and all I wanted to do was curl up with a novel instead of going out… Continue Reading

Child’s Pool Robe

How cute is this? I got this photo from How About Orange (which is a great blog that deserves further exploration, BTW).  The pattern for this adorable little robe (made from a bath towel) can be found on Sew, Mama,… Continue Reading

7 Stories

One of the few things I remember from university is a screenwriting teacher telling us that there were only seven stories in the world and that every story was modeled after or was a variation of these seven. Of these seven stories,… Continue Reading

Recipe: Chicken Diane (ala Holly)

Back in "The Day," I used to go to a restaurant called Palermo on Vermont in Los Angeles.  I'd still go there, except it is far away from Santa Monica and Mick and I rarely go to any restaurant we… Continue Reading